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"Market Like a Monster!"...Frank Italiano, Founder & President
Frankenstein Design
provides complete
marketing solutions!
PO Box 48
214B Bellevue Ave.
Hammonton, NJ 08037
Efax 608-541-3577
Q:        What is a reasonable marketing budget?
A:        It’s difficult to cast a broad stroke without delving into a company’s financials however; the industry standard is 7% to 15% of
  gross sales.

Q:Why can’t I market myself?
A:The fact is that we all market everyday.  The difference is that the professionals have the knowledge, the resources and the tools
   to make your campaigns and branding efforts much more effective.

Q:What is the most effective medium when marketing?
A:This is exactly why we are a complete agency.  It always depends upon the company that we represent as to our direction when .
   taking their product or service to market

Q:Do you have access to a list of prospects?
A:Targeting specific demographics and providing an accurate database is a common practice for Frankenstein Design.

Q:In a statement what does Frankenstein Design do?
A:Frankenstein Design champions all marketing aspects of a company’s brand.

Q:Is their a minimum contract amount?
A:Absolutely not.  Frankenstein Design will help build your brand via any collateral or medium.  Some clients only use our
            commercial printing services while others use our website development with hosting and others may require a targeted direct mail               campaign.  May it be complete campaigns or any of our products and services (brand identity, marketing collateral - brochures,                     business cards, direct mail, prospect databases, print media, radio spots, television commercials, web sites, sales and                         marketing strategizing, promotional items, signage, in-store displays and trade-show booths)...we value your business!

Q:How do we begin the process of having Frankenstein Design help us grow our business?
A:Email us or give a call for a free consultation.  Frankenstein Design will give you a comprehensive proposal as to how we will
   market your business.

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